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Alaska Young

Looking for Alaska is a amazing book by John Green. A boy named Miles is on his way to boreding school while there he meets to very valuarble friends named Alaska and Chip. They go though the school and they reack havic on everyone with out being caught. By the end of the book Alaska has told them everything like, About how her mother died. On one of the last days of school alaska heads out with Miles and Chip to find soething Alcholic to drink. Alaska has a stash of Cherry Wine Buried on the campus grounds. The go back to alaskas room and they try to out drink eachout. Alaska sees a picture of a white flower on her wall and runs out of the room Chip and Miles ,to drunk to go after her, pass out. The next day a Anounce ment is made that Alaska died in a reck not far up the road. The realize that it was her mothers death annoverory and that Alaska had always brought her with flowers on this date. Alaska had forgotten to and was on her way there but was to drunk to know what she was doing. Miles who is obbsesed with the last words of famous people goes out and trys to figure out what her last words were but never is able to find out. Chip and Miles are devestarted when Alaska Young there best friend Dies in the end.