This wiki is called "Let's Sit and Talk About Stuff," so that is what I shall do now. Actually, I find this wiki very convenient. "Stuff" is a very general word, so this can be about anything from hippos to Madagascar(you never know) Anyways, I will be writing about the amazing things that are books. "Oh my gosh, books are SO not amazing," is what you might be thinking, but you are so wrong. Books are literally a different universe. You can learn things from them, while also traveling to a whole nother place. You can be sitting in New York with Percy Jackson, or in Hogwarts with Harry Potter. Books can suck you into them. You could be reading a page, and then you look at the clock the next minute, and you've been reading for an hour! It's like books just Want you to spend countless hours reading them. It's pretty spectacular if you ask me. It's not the book, persay, that is the real reason books are just that amazing, it's the reader.